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Eslé (Ifugao Dubreil)

Eslé is a diabolical sex fiend who is looking to exact revenge from any man or woman that steps in her way. As she casts a long shadow, that includes all the cast members. The daughter of a Filipino maid and a French ambassador, she knows all about using the backdoor in private settings. Beware of her poisonous plots and deceptive dulcet tones.

This is one maiden who will not be wearing white to her many weddings.

Perhaps you misunderstand?

Eslé makes her desires clear

A mature woman; Actual size=180 pixels wide

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Edward Marlson (Pedro)

Pedro is unhinged with lust for his new found internet goddess. Little does he know that it is none other than Claudette, the girl he raped in junior high when she defied his request for a kiss whilst playing "spin the bottle." Years later he still remains hostile toward her, as she remains the only woman he could never have. A member of the Carluso crime family, he is notorious for leaving behind gum wrappers at all of his jobs. However, not even the police have the cajones to mess with the Carlusos.


Aki Quetits (Claudette)

Claudette is a depressed and sad character. Rarely does she find the energy to smile, and her natural face is a brooding frown. She's a bit of a hermit and stays inside her home, her only contact with the world her PC and telephone. Thank god for take out is her motto. Recently, she found a new zest for life in the form of internet dating.

Her isp is her shield, her browser her cloak, the chat room login her mighty mask. Look out for her wild cyber affair with Pedro. Little do they know that fate has a nasty sense of humour.

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Claudette's Diary

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