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Dieter's Crime Journal


Important tasks.

-Fisit Mutter
-Pick up Knodel
-Shtop off at Kaiser Donut house
-Call Alex
-R-r-remofe kustart shtain from trousers
-Finish Mothers day song
Meine Mutter ist gut.
Meine Mutter ist groß.
Ich danke meiner Mutter.
Für die Teigklößchen
habe ich gegessen.

Listen to Dieter's song to his Mother

Dieter talks to Vale's lawyers

Vat a turn uff efents, zere I vas sittingkt at ze funeral eatingkt mein apricot tort, vhen zis krazy fool Stefan chumps up undt starts konfessingkt to ze murter uff zze dead man in ze casket. I almost told ze damn fool to sit down but he kontinued. He r-r-rafed undt rafed like he vas full uff goulasch. I was so surprised zat I dropped mein apricot tort undt stained mein only unstained trousers. I looked at Alex undt we aprehended ze crazy lisp swagglingkt hairtresser.
But zis konfuses me. All uff our klues led us to eferyone but Stefan, besides, Janni did nicht die from a knife vound, sche died nicht only from ze fall but from mental murter! Auch du lieber!!! Vat vas his motife fur confessingkt, zis will obfiously take much shtudy undt infestigation mitt mein young prodigy undt
boy Genious Alex.