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Cast Bios 4


Angie Roundtree as played by Lyla Cerise

Angie is one of those women we all know. Mildly psychotic, intensely jealous, paranoid to the extreme; her values are set in stone, yet ethereal to those who attempt to follow the logic behind them. Her marriage in shreds, she has gone to the arms of another to fulfill her needs, yet refuses to end the charade. Look out for the volatile fights between herself and other characters who wish she'd simply make a choice.

Angie's Diary

Angie and Esle discuss matters


Beau Roundtree as played by Jimmy Chambliss

Poor sap, all-around nice guy, is both mute and unaware of the deception that lies within his wife Angie's character. Originally from Arcadian stock from Louisiana, he likes a nice spicy jambalaya and loves his wife with all his heart. Too bad for him, his wife doesn't seem to have one. Will Beau get wise to her deceit, will he confront her young lover? Find out during further episodes of Grecian Hills.

Beau argues with Angie


Avery Riles as played by Aidan Smith

Secretary to Vale Soddenfeld, husband to Jeanette, lover to Angie Roundtree. What is it about this young man that draws such different women near him? For Vale it is his quick wit and competence in the workplace as her dependable assistant; for his wife his seeming dedication to her, and unrestrained loving; for Angie it is his proficiency in bed and the pillow talk she so sorely misses from her husband, Beau. Will Aidan's secrets be found out? Will Vale fire him for his personal indiscretions? Will Jeanette survive his betrayal? Lastly, will Aidan survive Angie's psychotic jealousy and need? Only time will tell.


Jeanette Riles as played by Killy McNamara

Jeanette completely dotes on her husband Avery. A nurse at St. Ignacius, her kind heart often gets taken advantage of. Little does she know that her own husband is most guilty for this sin. Will she discover his treachery? Will she act upon her growing attraction to handsome Dr. Slate Letcher? Kismet and a steamy kiss may just change her role on Grecian Hills.

Cast Bios 5