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Bios 3

More exciting characters from Grecian Hills


Delilah Tramone (Vale Soddenfeld)


Vale Soddenfeld is the CEO/International Beauty Consultant of Rectify Beauty Corporation. A former high fashion model, she promised never to be at the mercy of men again, after being jilted at the altar by high society sweetheart, Bradley Moorehead. A manipulative wench, she leaves people cold with her intimidating stature and frigid stares. No need for a lie detector, she sees your soul in every squirm.

The question on people's minds is not, did Vale kill her masseuse, Janni Geldenhuis? It is will the ice princess finally be torn down from her ivory tower, and be found guilty?


The beautiful Soddenfeld Mansion, where many of the torrid encounters of Grecian Hills take place.

Supporting characters on the brilliant new series, "Grecian Hills."


Janni Geldenhuis, played by Randy O'Neill, the first casualty of our show made the mistake of being spun in the web of Soddenfeld the Spider. As a masseuse, he was more into deep tissue than deep thought, and his lack of cunning may well have been his undoing.

Though there were gum wrappers at the scene, leading the police to the quickly drawn conclusion that Pedro was the guilty party, might it be that it's merely a clever ploy by Vale to elude her own responsibility?


Jonathan Trembly plays Alex Rorschach, boy genius, the youngest member of our cast is by far the shrewdest. Forget about cunning espionage and catty vendettas, he knows more about physics than the writers will ever be able to fake. The newest arrival to our fair town, his lust for Eslé could drive him off the path of greatness and into the gutter.


Alex's Mailbox

Angie Roundtree, as played by Lyla Cerise, is one of those women we all know. Mildly psychotic, intensely jealous, paranoid to the extreme; her values are set in stone, yet ethereal to those who attempt to follow the logic behind them. Her marriage in shreds, she has gone to the arms of another to fulfill her needs, yet refuses to end the charade. Look out for the volatile fights between herself and other characters who wish she'd simply make a choice.

Angie and Esle discuss matters

Angie's Diary


Beau Roundtree (played by Jimmy Chambliss), Poor sap, all-around nice guy, is both mute and unaware of the deception that lies within his wife Angie's character. Originally from Arcadian stock from Louisiana, he likes a nice spicy jambalaya and loves his wife with all his heart. Too bad for him, his wife doesn't seem to have one. Will Beau get wise to her deceit, will he confront her young lover? Find out during further episodes of Grecian Hills.

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Bios 4